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For Ulix team, travel organization starts with plane tickets and that is truly just the beginning. While traveling, every one of our client knows that he is not alone.  We look forward to hearing your experiences from different destinations in the World. With you, we learn and grow every day.


With agreement on the quality level of service we guarantee full involvement, support and professional level of performance for each project, from planning until the final realization.


Do you want an organized and creatively designed journey created according to your preferences, criteria and budget?

We are the ideal partner for you!


Ulix travel is proud that Virgin Galactic handpicked them to be one of less than 140 Accredited Space Agents in the world. We have completed an instensive training program with Virgin Galactic that enables us to offer you reservations on board the world’s first private spaceline.

Flying - our core

We are the leading airline ticket agency in Croatia, also active in Slovenia, Serbia, Poland and Germany


Ulix is an IATA-certified agency in both Croatia and Germany, which opens its doors to any airline in the world.

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A congress, conference, symposium, seminar, simple business meeting or presentation…

All the experience we gathered from our previous projects is at your disposal. We are ready to share it with you and be your partner in each future project.

Our contract is a confirmation that your interests will be best served and your complete involvement in the process of providing the service that suits you the most. Nothing less than perfection is satisfactory enough.

We place under your fingertips:

  • 24/7 on-site assistance
  • Tailor made service
  • Project approach

Put your trust in us to give you:

  • Full cost breakdown
  • Negotiated suppliers’ terms
  • Location management – we look and check the site you need
  • On-site inspection (upon request)

Participants registration procedure along with the database management:

  • Collecting and processing fees
  • Accommodation management
  • Financial reporting
  • “On site management”
  • Professional personnel (project manager and staff)
  • Registration of participants and distribution of material
  • Coordination of transfers
  • Restaurant booking
  • Media support for the event
  • Web site (on-line registration, web payment collection)
  • Radio
  • Printed media
  • TV

Partner companies

  • AHA, Orlando, Florida
  • TCT, San Francisco, California
  • ESC, Budapest, Hungary
  • EASD, Lisabon, Portugal
  • ESC, Paris, France
  • DDV, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • HDUGI, Opatija, Croatia
  • EFIC Pain, Hamburg, Germany
  • FIP, Hyderabad, India
  • ECCO 16, Stockholm, Sweden
  • BANTAO, Chalkidiki, Greece
  • ESCMID, Vienna, Austria
  • EUROECHO, Kopenhagen, Denmark

Nothing less than perfection is satisfactory enough

We'll be proud to make your event perfect.
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If you want a systematically and creatively designed trip, according to your wishes, criteria and budget, we are the ideal partner for you.

Leave it to our team to organize your:

  • Accommodation
  • Transfer to the destination of your choice
  • Rental cars
  • Tours
  • Tickets for events, concerts, as well as the organization and payment of additional services at the destination.



Ulix travel is proud to be one of less than 140 accredited space agents in the world.

We have completed an instensive training program with Virgin Galactic that enables us to offer you reservations on board the world’s first private spaceline.

Virgin Galactic:

With revolutionary new technology that addresses some of the key safety issues of space access, Virgin Galactic’s experience promises to truly be the trip of a lifetime.

Designed with safety and passenger experience in mind, astronauts on board SpaceShipTwo can expect to experience weightlessness as they float around the cabin for up to 4-minutes, enjoying incredible views of our planet and space. On return to Earth these pioneering individuals will receive their Virgin Galactic astronaut wings and plenty of images and videos of their experience.

Future Astronuats will undergo around 3-days of flight preparation at Spaceport America in New Mexico, the world’s first purpose built commercial spaceport. The stunning and futuristic VirginGalactic Gateway building at Spaceport Americawill be where all of the training and preparationtakes place.

Life Experiences

Virgin Galactic are already taking reservations and seats are selling fast. Sign up now to secure your place in space and to join what is perhaps the most exclusive club in the world. With invitations to special ‘future astronaut’ events and behind- the-scenes access, you’ll want to get in line before it’s too late!

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